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Bringing you some of the best poultry in the Yorkshire region

Chickadee Poultry offers an array of poultry, livestock and friendly advice. Located on a smallholding overlooking Holmfirth in Yorkshire we are able to enjoy the country life. 

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Our Chickens

We specialise in pure breeds but often have a variety of hybrid chickens for sale.

From Sussex to Rhode Island, our birds are kept on grass and most have a free range lifestyle. For more information about what we have available see our shop page.

We specialise in pure breed chickens

Our pride and joy are our Rhode Island Reds, Light Sussex and Marans.

100% Organic

Raised on the finest cereals, vegetables and insects. Our chickens have a healthy diet and aren’t fed antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. Strict zoonotic controls and good husbandry helps keep bugs and nasties to a minimum. 

Chickens in new homes